Weekend Project: Alien Projector

Shine an alien or any other design on a wall with this $5 LED projector.
Thanks go to Brian McNamara for the original article in MAKE, Volume 16.
To download The Alien Projector video click here and subscribe in iTunes.
Check out the complete Alien Projector article in MAKE, Volume 16 and you
can see that in our Digital Edition.

Here is the link for the Alien Projector template

12 thoughts on “Weekend Project: Alien Projector

  1. Ummm…actually no. You probably can’t tell in the video but all connections were tined and heated to soldering temperature. It’s all good.

  2. I’d say that the cold-solder comment was made because you move nearly every connection AFTER the heat is removed. Bad example for others.

  3. I appreciate that. I’ve never had a cold-solder joint issue with slight movement of the connections before the solder has finished melting. But you are correct, the perfect soldering technique is to NOT move the components. Unfortunately my hands are not always completely steady.

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