Re-purposing an old digital photo frame as a clock

Got an old digital photo frame that you don’t use any more? I did too, so instead of throwing it away, I decided to turn it into a written word clock. The basic idea is to use a computer program to generate a picture for each minute in a 12 hour clock cycle (720 in total), and then set the photo frame to advance pictures every minute. My cheapo frame didn’t have an option to set the delay time between photos, so I added a little microcontroller circuit to press the ‘forward’ button every minute.

I chose to spell out the time in words, however this design would also be great for making a clock that integrates your favorite photos, shows really slow animations, or changes color during the day. It could also make a nice gift for that special someone! Schematic, source code, and directions are all available on the project page.

28 thoughts on “Re-purposing an old digital photo frame as a clock

    1. Not only comic sans, but also the signature bad kerning; unless he meant to write one
      f ourty two, of course.

      But a clever hack nevertheless.

      1. @ SVC: I came here only to comment on the comic sans-ness, after reading how much work was put into making it. I am glad to see I wasn’t the first. At least use a GameBoy style font if going for the retro-LCD, pea-green color.

  1. With the 1 min delay, does it actually show a new one at precisely 60 seconds from the last one? I have found when I tried one with a 1 hour change, after a few days it was getting a few mins slow from when an hour change should be happening.

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