Pringles-can lens extender produces dazzling ultra close-ups for peanuts.
Thanks go to Haje Jan Kamps for the original article in MAKE, Volume 06.
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Check out the complete Macro Photography On a Budget article in MAKE, Volume 06 and you
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16 thoughts on “Weekend Project: Macro Photography On a Budget

    1. Hi there Kip!

      It’s sort of incredible that an article from Volume 6 (that’s ages ago!) made it to be a Weekend Project! I’m proud and excited – thank you!

      A longer version with example photos etc is available over on my website: – Feel free to add it to the main article and/or YouTube video if you think that’s appropriate :)

      All the best, and thanks for making such a good video of the process!

      – Haje

  1. Instead of moving the lens to focus, place the subject on a lab jack and raise or lower the lab jack to focus the subject. You can pick up cheap lab jacks on ebay or from United Nuclear and they can also help with positioning other objects for photography. A good cheap multitasker.

    Also rather than building something, you can pick up reversing rings for $10-$15 which is not much more than what a body cap costs. These use the filter rings on the lens to attach to the adapter which attaches to the body.

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