Bre has posted an item about the MakerBot watch he’s been working on. He’s selling some prototype kits really cheap ($30) to get them out there so others can give feedback, mess around with it, improve it, etc. He writes:

I’ve wanted to have an Arduino style watch in my pocket and I got my friend Raphael to teach me how to use Eagle CAD and I did it! I also got lots of help from Adam and Zach and Charles and Liz and Ryan and the NYCResistor to pull this together!

I ordered a bunch of prototype boards and I’ve made them into 18 kits to just get them out there in the world and get friends playing with them. This is for alpha users because it is realllllly hard! I have soldered up 4 of them and 3 of them had major solder bridges that made me swear a lot. Be prepared for a serious smd challenge! They are super cheap at $30 which is basically cost of parts because I know they are hard to make and I just want to get them out to the smd ninjas out there.