At long last, I’ve finished my nephew’s Christmas present (ahem, originally meant as his birthday present in July)! I got the pattern from Vogue Knitting’s Quick Gifts, although I must say this knit zebra pillow was anything but quick. (Easy, yes, but frankly no matter how fast a knitter you are, it takes a while to knit anything that’s 24″ x 16″ plus four legs and a head!) Despite some genteel cursing as I cut 40 strands of yarn for the mane as a finishing touch, I’m pretty pleased with this fellow. I had a pillow toy that I loved when I was growing up, so I’m hoping this one is a hit, too!

11 thoughts on “Knit Zebra Pillow

  1. I love it Arwen! Your nephew will love it too! Yeah, I always roll my eyes when I see “quick and easy” in reference to a knitting project. I’m a slow knitter, so for me the only thing that’s quick and easy is casting on.

  2. I love this!! It is SO adorable, and it looks as if you did a perfect job. I am crafty in many ways, but knitting is not one of them, so I wish I could find this somewhere to purchase!!!

  3. Oh, don’t be scared off from knitting! Like I said, this wasn’t a super quick knit, but it honestly couldn’t have been easier. All you need to know are casting on, making knit stitches and purl stitches, increasing and decreasing by a stitch at a time, and casting off. There are a lot of great tutorials (video or step-by-step photos) online to teach you knitting basics.

  4. I love this pillow!!
    I think I need to totally try to modify it for crochet and make one!! (I can’t knit – pathetic, I know, but I just don’t get it!!)
    I LOVE the floppy legs and head!!

  5. I’m afraid I got the pattern from the Vogue Knitting book linked to in the post, but I see it’s now on sale at least!

    1. Eileen, found the pattern on the internet linked to Arwens post, Voque Knitting book. I ordered it from Ontario. Should be here in the new year. There is also a cute horse pillow I bought that is really cute but hard.

  6. where can I find a free pattern online for this pillow my friends pattern book was stolen and all she needs is a scan copy via email of the pattern and no one will help via raverly

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