Interesting mind stretching video with Kevin Kelly… via Kottke

I’m interested in how people personally decide to refuse a technology. I’m interested in that process, because I think that will happen more and more as the number of technologies keep increasing. The only way we can sort our identity is by not using technology. We’re used to be that you define yourself by what you use now. You define yourself by what you don’t use.

What don’t you use? For me, it’s not so much as a refusal, perhaps I am just starting to optimize. I don’t drive or have a car any longer, no TV, TiVo-like device, DVD player, land line or AM/FM radio, recently deleted accounts on most social networks that were value-negative. Removed all Office tools and replaced them with open source versions. “Voicemail” is no longer voice, it’s text that is transcribed. Oh, I actually do refuse one thing, a microwave – have one, don’t use, don’t like it.