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CRAFT: Celebrate the Season
This weekend at Bazaar Bizarre in San Francisco, the CRAFT team will be in full force. On Saturday we will be making felt necklaces with everyone who stops by our booth, and on Sunday we will be crafting some really cute rings! I wanted to share the super simple felt necklace today. It’s one of the easiest last-minute gifts that I can think of, and it makes great use of any felted sweater scraps, or commercial felt that you have lying around. If you are in the Bay Area, be sure to visit us at the San Francisco County Fair Building, at Golden Gate Park! And if not, you can just follow this easy tutorial to create your own recycled sweater pendant.



Felt scraps, preferably from a recycled sweater
Eyelet setter
Ribbon or wire

Updated with even more felty goodness!
*To turn a 100% wool sweater into felt, just use hot water and agitate it either by hand or in the washer. For more information on felting sweaters, check out this felted sweater project.


Step 1: Cut a heart, or any shape you like, from a scrap of felt.
Step 2: Punch 2 small holes in the felt with the tip of your scissors, where you would like to place the eyelets.
Step 3: Put an eyelet on the setter, and then align one hole in the felt over the setter.
Step 4: Give it a good squeeze to press the eyelet into the wool securely. Repeat for the other hole.
Step 5: Thread ribbon, wire, or any other necklace chain you like onto the eyelets. Voilà!