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Telecommunications – These projects use the telephone system in some way or are related to cell phones (or in one example, are cell phones). It’s popular to open source the software on phones now, and slowly but surely we might see more phone systems go this way to if there are benefits for the companies and the customers.

P04 Four Port IP-PBX – Open source asterisk box
 Ip04 Front Phone
The goal of this project is to provide free hardware designs for telephone systems. Both the hardware and software are open. You are free to copy, modify and re-use the hardware designs. The hardware for a complete embedded Asterisk IP PBX (including multiple analog ports or a T1/E1) can be built for a few hundred dollars. No PC required!
Price: $290.00
Visit the project page

 Upload 2008 11 Freerunner02
Openmoko is a project dedicated to delivering mobile phones with an open source software stack. Openmoko is currently selling the Neo FreeRunner phone to advanced users and will start selling it to the general public as soon as the software is more developed. Beyond freeing the software on their devices they have also released their CAD files. And at LinuxWorld 2008, they announced the release of the schematics for their products.
Price: Various
Visit the project page

SIM card reader
This is a SIM card reader/writer for experimentation and investigation of SIM & Smart cards. Once the kit is built, accompanying software can be used to read and write from the card. Together they can be used to backup stored SIM card data, recover deleted SMS’s and phone contacts, examine the last 10 phone numbers dialed, etc. (Despite being called a SIM reader, it can also write to SIM cards)
Price: $
Visit the project page
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