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Transportation – There’s just one in the transportation category, an electronic fuel injection project. While there is always talk of an “open source” automobile, there mostly design projects and not a project with downloads, files, software, etc – in a few years we might see a physical open source hardware car however, there seems to be a lot of interest.

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The MegaSquirt family of EFI controllers (including MS-I, MS-II, MicroSquirt, and the MS-II Sequencer) are intended as educational projects for those who want to learn about electronic fuel injection. They are experimental Do-It-Yourself programmable electronic fuel injection controllers that you build yourself. MegaSquirt controllers will work on virtually any liquid fueled spark-ignition engine, naturally aspirated or boosted (up to 21 psi boost with the standard MAP sensor) as long as they are not ‘pollution controlled’. Note that any MegaSquirt EFI controller is the controller only, you will have to gather the remaining fuel system parts yourself (from 1 to 16 injectors, sensors, fuel rails, fuel pump, etc.).
Price: $200 and up
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