Congrats to the Hansel & Gretel Ticket Winners!

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After reading all the comments to last week’s post about this awesome offer of free tickets to the Metropolitan Opera, I seriously considered calling them up and asking for 55 or so pairs of tickets. But I don’t want to shoot my own foot (or the feet of our readers), so we picked two winners to see Hansel and Gretel this Thursday, and hopefully we’ll be able to offer more ticket giveaways in the future!
The Comments really exemplified the feelings of the holiday — people hoped they’d win the tickets for their sisters, their BFFs, their children, and their hubbys. Others were struck by the nostalgia of reading the book as a child or seeing a similar production with their own parents, and hoped to relive the experience.
I wish everyone could have won (including myself), but maybe next time! Congrats to Chloe Hennesy, who’s giving the tickets to her sister, Sonja Eklund, and to Carol Brendler, who tells us her husband loves the opera while she loves NYC.
Happy Holidays, lucky winners, and be sure to let us know how the show was!

6 thoughts on “Congrats to the Hansel & Gretel Ticket Winners!

  1. L thornton says:

    where’s the craft project?

  2. Laura says:

    Stagecraft, of course!

  3. Shawn Connally says:

    Yes, I’m pretty sure the thinking from the Metropolitan Opera in offering us this ticket giveaway was that Craftzine readers would appreciate the costumes, makeup, and staging. From the stills I’ve seen, all of the crafting looks amazing!

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