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Instructables user seamster writes:

Oh, ….F…U…D…G…E…!

My brother-in-law needed a costume to wear to his family’s Christmas party, and asked me to make him Ralphie’s deranged Easter bunny pink nightmare costume.

I couldn’t pass this up.

Now, you can buy a similar costume online for $100, but where’s the fun in that? This only cost around $30. Plus a lot of hours of course, but it was worth it.

(That’s me with my best attempt at an unhappy Ralphie-scowl.)

8 thoughts on “How-To: Christmas Story Bunny Costume

  1. OK, I have made many costumes like this (one piece, hood with ears) and they’re so much fun. But I have to especially commend you on the ear stand-up and shaping, something I am totally bush league at doing. Nice work!

  2. From one sewing Becky to another may I say “Excellent job!” I am sure my grown son will want one for next year’s Tacky Christmas Party!

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