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Millenium Falcon bed gets comfy in less than twelve parsecs


Kayla Kromer made this sweet Millenium Falcon bed – complete with stowaway compartments and headlights. Check out more pics in the Facebook photo gallery. [via Geekologie]

18 thoughts on “Millenium Falcon bed gets comfy in less than twelve parsecs

  1. Not to be a killjoy (because that bed is awesome) but surely a parsec is a measurement of distance and not time. And I think the Kessel Run was about approaching close to a black hole cluster near Kessel (not doing the run in a small amount of time).

    1. You’re right on both parts, theTRON.

      However, I think grace can be extended in this case, because Collin was making a pun on the original quote.

      Also, because he has awesome ‘chops and blazers.

    2. /Nerd On
      Actually, it makes perfect sense. The danger of flying too close to a black hole is getting sucked in by gravity. So what do you do to be safe and avoid it? Fly further away from the black hole which would increase the distance = more than 12 parsecs. Since the hyperdrives travel at a specific speed for that size ship, he gets it done faster as a result. People flying with other freighters would see 12 parsecs = a certain amount of flying time because they know how fast a freighter hyperdrive flies.
      /Nerd Off

      //Yes I own the roleplaying handbook for Star Wars, and yes, there were different speed hyperdrives…
      ///And the crafter is as delightful as her creation. Well done!

      1. Thanks Jimmy, now I needn’t explain it myself. I mean, it’s common sense … basically … right?


        – Mr. Blazer Chops

      2. I always liked the idea that the Kessel Run was a kind of relay race delivering cargo between moving ships. The faster you do it the less distance the ships have moved.

        It just occurred to me though that that it could be a straight acceleration/deceleration boast. 0 to lightspeed back to 0 and the result is given as the distance covered rather than time taken. You do get all those weird time distortion effects surrounding lightspeed you know :)

    3. I don’t buy that black hole nonsense for a second.

      If it’s not on the silver screen, it didn’t happen.

      A straight viewing of the film suggests that :
      A) Han was trying to flim-flam Obi-wan, but obi-wan didn’t care. or
      B) Lucas didn’t know or care what a Parsec is, but he liked the sound of the word.

    1. Nerdier than I imagined possible. And that Hoth princess Leia costume is spot on. But I’ll bet he’s got a slave leia costume for her too. Maybe hidden in another one of those compartments.

      1. Who’s “he”? As I read it the Ice Princess there built this herself.

        “You came in that thing? You’re braver than I thought…”

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