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Bright Bike v2.0 plus kits!


Michael Mandiberg developed a kit for making your bike super visible to car headlights with retroreflective vinyl tape! It’s easy to apply, looks fly, and comes in several colors. I did up my ride too, check it out above in normal light and below in flash (simulating headlights). The kit makes a great gift for your cycling friends and family members.



8 thoughts on “Bright Bike v2.0 plus kits!

  1. This will never get re-posted to boingboing, where is the hydrofluoric acid and nastygram stickers? Interweb bike riders want vigilante justice, not responsible ways to share the road with other citizens. I suggest you re-tool your post so it looks more like this:

    Next your probably going to encourage obeying traffic signals and wearing protective clothing. Meh, cowards.

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