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Rich 3D graphics in standard web content without a plugin just got one step closer to reality. The Khronos Group recently announced the availability of the first WebGL specification draft.

WebGL is largely based on OpenGL ES 2.0. It makes the OpenGL APIs available through JavaScript, allowing Web developers to draw 3D graphics inside of the HTML5 Canvas element. The goal is to bring all of the power of OpenGL directly to the browser by exposing the low-level graphics APIs. In theory, the flexibility of this approach will make it significantly more useful than previous 3D Web technologies like VRML which confined developers to a handful of predefined abstractions.

WebGL draft published, Khronos seeks community involvement [via precentral]

2 thoughts on “WebGL Draft Specification Published

  1. How long before Microsoft releases a new version of Explorer with its own quirky rendering engine for this, forcing web designers to cater to the quirks and pollute the standard?

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