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EMI Mayhem: Smart Phone Switches on a Maytag Oven @ Design News

Awhile back the NYT ran an article about a guy’s smart phone starting up his Maytag Model CGR1425ADW oven (plus a couple of his neighbor’s units) in a Brooklyn apartment building. Read the full text: Hello Oven? It’s Phone.  Now Let’s Start Cooking! What makes the phenomenon particularly distressing is the oven’s tendency to turn itself on to the highest setting. A spokeswoman for Maytag said, “In our experience, this situation is highly unusual.” She went on to say that all of Maytag’s appliances are tested and meet safety standards set by Underwriters Laboratory and the American National Standards Institute. With the finger of blame pointing strongly at EMI, we wondered what requirements for EMI/EMC apply to kichen appliances.

Scary! Usually you need an Arduino to do this…