Who’s excited about Santa? It won’t be long now before some imposing stranger with gin blossoms, in a garish flaming-red suit, who’s been spying on your children all year, sneaks into your house to wolf down milk and cookies and feed your produce to his coterie of flying woodland creatures. I know I’m stoked!

But, seriously. We wanted to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a very happy, fun-filled, and hands-on holiday. (And if you manage to steal some time away from the festivities to make something, tell us about it, and share pics in the MAKE Flickr pool.)

I have a friend who uses the word “gift,” like “awesome” or “cool,” whenever she’s seriously impressed or moved by something. When I think about what we do here at MAKE and CRAFT, the people we get to collaborate with directly, the wider maker community, and everyone who makes what we do possible (not to mention infinitely enjoyable and inspiring), I can’t think of a more perfect exclamation, and one that’s entirely appropriate to the day:


Above image of John Park’s Mystery Box.