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R/C Starship Enterprise flies under water


Francesco Fondi, of HobbyMedia, sent us news of this awesome USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A “submarine,” and holiday wishes, from Tokyo. Happy holidays to you and everybody at HobbyMedia, Fra!

He writes:

The Japanese modeler Starfleet Yokosuka has built a radio-controlled 1/350 scale replica of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A from the Star Trek series. What makes this model unique is the fact that it “flies” in water! Yes, in Japan there’s a new underground hobby of geeks who transform static kits into radio-controlled underwater spaceships!

Radio Controlled USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A

4 thoughts on “R/C Starship Enterprise flies under water

  1. The trip to the Yokosuka Dry Docks web site was well worth the time. Fantastic work with not only the detailed modeling, but the lighting and incorporating the power and control without changing the design is a great challenge! There are a few other impressive underwater ships on the site including a space shuttle, Voyager, Battleship Yamato and a Borg cube.

    Real physics be damned, it’s great to see these ships flying as they do in the movies/TV/in my imagination.

    Makes me either want to make a Bird of Prey to do battle or a tiny submersible shuttlecraft to dock with the Enterprise.

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