Instructables user jrossetti writes:

In this instructable, I’ll outline the requirements for a small chicken tractor for the backyard chicken enthusiast, such as myself, and describe the process of building it. After seeing a lot of chicken tractors on the internet for outrageous prices, I decided it’d be better for me to build one myself, for cheaper, and that fit my needs a bit better. I’ll show you how I did it and give some pointers on making your own design.

For those of you that don’t know what a chicken tractor is, it’s essentially a chicken coop that can be moved around. Some of the main purposes for a mobile chicken coop are to allow the chickens to fertilize the grass (though this ain’t pretty at all, hahah), and they can eat the grass – keeping it trim (if done right), eat bugs and weeds, and so you can hide it when your parents come visit. There’s other benefits too, though I’m not saying a coop is NOT the way to go (actually, my city has an ordnance stating any permanent chicken coop must be 40 feet away from any human house, so a tractor is a nice efficient way to bypass that ordnance, muahaha!).