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The video shows a fanciful idea of what New York City might look like in 2259, using a tool called City Engine to simulate a lower water level and added skyscrapers. You can do some fun stuff with the tool. For instance, it lays out the buildings based on the terrain you establish, no matter how crazy — to illustrate this they provide an example of a improbably convoluted city in space. A more down-to-earth example recreates Venice using only a satellite map for reference.

At $3,450 for the “SE” version and almost $5,000 for the Pro version, City Engine isn’t cheap, though they’ll knock the price down by $500 if you buy by January 23rd. They also have 30-day free trials (you can’t export your work) as well as $700 student licenses. Win/OSX/Linux compatible. [Via]


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