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Map-inspired paintings

With GPS units shining from dashboards and Google Maps just a click away, maps have never been more of a part of our culture than they are now. Joshua Huyser’s cartographical explorations embrace such concepts as travel, movement, paths, and directions.

Here’s what Huyser’s cryptic artist’s statement has to say:

My senses are to blame. I am immersed in life and, suddenly, I am moved. Not physically, but inside. This internal shift must be reconciled. It is the spark that initiates locomotion. It is nothing but a morsel, a crude statement. It is a notion, a note… a thought. It requires clarification, elaboration, but there is a delicate fog obscuring the path. In the murkiness I am confronted with options, forks stumbling to dead ends. Backtracking. It seems impossible, but I try to trust myself. I must, for the answer comes from a secret place unbeknownst to me. The undertaking is frenetic in the beginning. There is unrest. The vibrations continue to propel me forward. My mind’s eye is filled with the potential that must be negotiated. I push forward and build as I would a novel or piece of music, slowly wading through the mist. Eventually the quivering stills and it is done. A successful culmination is a symphony. It was inside of me and now it is out. It is a soliloquy. It is the world through me. It is from me to you. Don’t analyze. Just allow it to pass through you.

See Huyser’s page for more information.

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