Though it’s likely a viral vid from a hardware manufacturer, the “superhuman tape measure skills” seen above do seem plausible – and fun!

Update: As the perceptive comments below point out, these ‘tricks’ seem to be a combination of CG renders and string. Still, I’m guessing something similar could be pulled off by a seasoned user.

26 thoughts on “Tape measure tricks

  1. Obviously, he’s spent a lot of time ‘learning’ those skills. Most likely on company time, which the video depletes, his and cohorts. Must be one of my paid professionals! :rolleyes:

  2. Definitely fake. In the longer shots you can tell that there is a rope pulling the tape because it bounces up and down as it moves forward and in some cases accelerates. Not sure what this is an ad for, but this is definitely the coolest of their faked construction videos.

    1. I think you’re right. If you pause it at 0:26 before the light goes off, you can see it bending upward. Also i can swear there is a small hole in the 2×2 board next to the light.. with maybe some fishing line going through it?

      Awesome video though! Very creative. I wonder what they are for?

      1. as Maha said, there is a hole in the wood in the last trick. if you stop at 26sec you can see the string.

        also the tape at 22sec it CGI, it moves to slow and they have too much motion blur on it to cover up hoe fake it looks.

  3. Does anyone actually use a tape measure? Of-course its a fake. Tape measures’ are spring loaded to retract so there is no way to throw or sling the tape that far.

    1. judging by the window decals all over the video and the link in the description that goes to , it was probably made by them… just sayin

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