Google opens mobile access to public-domain books

Google opens mobile access to public-domain books… One of the great things about an iPhone or Android phone is being able to play Pacman while stuck in line at the post office. Sometimes though, we yearn for something more than just playing games or watching videos. What if you could... Read more »

Pedal powered snow plow

Bill Bumgarner wrote in to tell us about a great seasonal project one of his long-lost friends (who got in touch with Bill after seeing one of his projects right here!) made: Kevin Blake, who by day is an engineer at Trek Bicycles, came up with the idea of using... Read more »

Coraline Brings Craft to The Big Screen This Weekend

As the official Coraline movie web site loads, words are displayed that are likely to intice any crafter. “You are about to enter a world where everything you see has been created by hand.” And as the site completes it’s loading, “The glue is still drying. Enjoy.” Coraline, the stop-motion... Read more »

Classic arcade game locations

Classic Arcade Game Locations makes it easy to find old-school arcade games: Welcome to the largest collection of places that still have classic video arcade games to play. If you walk into arcades today only to walk back out because they do not have any of the old games you... Read more »