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Bluetooth Ericofon

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SQNewton didn’t just crack open a bluetooth headset and cram it into a cool retro handset casing; he developed his own hardware to produce a fully-functional, self-contained phone that uses the Ericofon’s original rotary dial, gives dial and busy tones, mimics the original Ericofon ringer, and has voice-recognition dialing to top it off. [via Hack a Day]

4 thoughts on “Bluetooth Ericofon

  1. …has he modified the exact same make, model and color Ericophon I recently found, but he also has exactly the same make, model and color cell phone as I do. And here I’ve been trying to re-wire an old USB Skype phone to get the Ericophon to work!

    Kit, please! Kit!

  2. That’s really an odd coincidence. :) Glad to hear that you have the same good taste as I do.. :) Please post your comment in my blog-site in the Q&A section ( ). I am collecting the questions and will come up with a solution. Please keep in mind that the components are SMD 0603 and the WT32 has a very tiny distance between pins. A pre-assembled kit (components soldered) or full kit (the user solders all the components)? Thanks! Santiago

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