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Action_owl (awes name!) set up a versatile intrusion detection system using Arduino + Processing –

This instructable will show you how to construct a laser tripwire that can twitter and grab an image from a webcam, as well as execute any command you can put in a bash script.
This instructable is actually quite simple and is even suitable as a beginner arduino project. It requires a GNU/linux (or possibly Mac) operating system with the arduino IDE and Processing IDE working properly.

Sounds like a good way to keep an eye on your pad while out and about – check out the full project deets here.

8 thoughts on “How-To: Laser tripwire with webcam + twitter

  1. Has anyone else noticed that instructables has become laden with adware, spyware and malware? Everytime I try to look at an instructable I get hit with an AVG warning or my browser gets taken over by some flash based animation showing that it’s deleting my hard drive to scare me in to paying for a scan service.

    It’s really too bad. Instructables used to be a go to spot for DIY tips and tricks, but now I won’t follow a link if I know that’s the destination.

  2. I’ve encountered the same problem over the past few weeks, using IE, and on random Instructable project pages. It’s apparently linked to a rotating ad for non-pro members that generates a scareware alert. I just shut down IE process with Task Manager. There’s a thread on the site about the phenomenon. Hope they track it down soon and jerk a knot in the tail of the perps.

  3. You should check out (it’s a flash version of this).

    There are SMS and Email alerts that send you a picture. There’s also a twitter alert, but a picture doesn’t come with it.

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