Encoder wheel generator

Spotted in the MAKE Flickr pool:

Need to build a custom rotary encoder wheel for that precision motion device you are making? Well, Nick Ames has you covered with his encoder wheel generator script.

What would you want this for, you ask? Well, a rotary encoder is a device that uses a fixed-position sensor (in this case an optical one) that measures a series of markings to determine the speed, position and direction that a part is spinning in. By using a generator like this one to print a custom pattern, you can create one that works well for the application that you want to use it for.

10 thoughts on “Encoder wheel generator

  1. Since it’s just Postscript it wouldn’t probably take a huge amount of effort to convert it to something you could dump into a laser cutter and cut out discs that you can use with a photo interrupter. (Which, for example, is how my mouse wheel works.)

    1. This is relevant information for me. I’ve been kicking around an idea of making a rotary encoder and attaching it to my garage door so I can track it’s position and also find out when it’s opening or closing.

  2. several years ago I used xfig to generate encoder wheels for a acrade style spinner controller. you draw one slice and then use the rotate+copy-n-times function to make the whole circle. Print off on transparency paper like the original article suggests. I did use some fender washers to stiffen the transparency.

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