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Wooden car burns wooden fuel, travels Europe


Artist, traveller, & inventor Joost Conijn spent the better part of a year building his own very custom automobile – almost entirely from wood. And what more fitting way to power such a vehicle, than with an onboard wood-burning stove! You might assume such a novel machine wasn’t intended for any lengthy excursions, but in fact that was Conijn’s aim from the project’s onset.

Free from the trappings of petrol-dependent transportation, Joost ventured through remote & tourist-free terrain of Eastern Europe documenting his journey in video. Fueled by donations from local villagers (and forests), he managed to explore – “Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Slowakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldavia, Transnistrië, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Italy, France, The Netherlands” Epic road trip indeed, Conijn explains some of his motivation and experiences –