Electronic excuse generator has got  you covered


Alex’s Emergency Excuse Generator (aka ‘EEG”) uses custom code fed with random input
to determine word choice, resulting in convenient untruths so lifelike – you’ll swear it actually happened! … maybe

the device uses the immense computational power and the 8K words program memory of a PIC16F690 microcontroller to demodulate an advanced lexico-semantical matrix and produce inexhaustible supply of random statements in Professional Business English, such as:

  • “I had to bring the ROI estimates in sync with our new vertical synergy paradigm shift”,

  • or “I was facilitating our proactive procurement dynamics”,

  • or “My gerbil died”.

An unusual strategy, the PIC-based design makes use of the noisy rising signal of a charging capacitor to trigger a pin unpredictably. He was also kind enough to publish a software version on his site. Well, I should get going – there was a vanadium tetrasulfate leak in the cafeteria … and it’s not gonna to clean itself up! [via Hacked Gadgets]