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Take a look inside Google’s brand new unlocked mobile phone, Nexus One, and see how it matches up to the Apple iPhone 3GS. More details at Google Phone

20 thoughts on “Alt.CES: Google Nexus One an iPhone Killer?

  1. Is it just me or did i just watch a cellphone comparison that said little to nothing about the phone aspect ?

    No mention of battery life/talk time, quality of call etc.

  2. To be honest, I think the review caters more towards to the maker community. It was interesting and definitely touched on some points that a review by CNET likely wouldn’t hit. If you would like a more typical phone review, maybe a more typical site, such as CNET, is where you should look.

    1. I’m tired of this whole IPhone killer crap. Android, while certainly having plenty of average users who glaze over when I start talking to them about what their phone is capable of, is something else entirely. I suppose you could say that Android as a whole is an IPhone killer now that with phone’s alone it is available on every major carrier in the US.

      The Nexus is neat, but really is just a small step towards what Android is capable. It’s amazing to think of where things have come since the G1 was released just over a year ago but what makes android really special is the developer community.

      Sure, that iPhone is flashy and slick but it’s also tightly controlled which is Apple’s business model. I remember being annoyed back in the 80’s about the lack or an eject button on the disk drive, though a butter knife worked. Personally, I like the fact that I have an option in the menu on a stock phone to install 3rd party apps and once you’re rooted, even better.

      It’ll be interesting to see where we are in another year.

  3. The iPhone does not have unlimited home screens it has 9. It will not allow you to make a 10th, you’re welcome to try it.

  4. iPhone is definetly not one of the best smartphones on the market. Apple makes you think it is, but in reality the 3Gs is nothing compared to the new Nokia N900.

  5. Hie.. I had seen Google nexus before its launch.
    How come..??
    Google offered this nexus one phone to head off all departments members. ( Advertising , Developer , Managment , Sales , Marketing ) and later he came up with the views off all those people. And Later .. google … you can continue reading about the full story over the following link

  6. The iPhone actually has 10 pages to put extra apps on, it has 11 pages if you count the 1 page of Apple’s crap apps that you cannot remove. I had to move most of them to the last page.

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