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Aluminum Technic bricks

Bill Shaw creates and sells Lego Technic-compatible aluminum bricks.

It all started as a supplement to enhance Bill’s Mindstorms projects. All the elements are made to work with the original Lego Technic elements, but what makes them interesting is the fact of being made from high grade 6061 aluminum, instead of plastic. All the elements are designed in shapes not available through Lego, but that somehow may help you to solve some specific needs.

For instance, Shaw sells beams at nonstandard lengths and angled parts at different angles than Lego offers. [via technicbricks]


10 thoughts on “Aluminum Technic bricks

  1. In a cool way. It makes me want to see a full Lego set in aluminum. Stronger pieces could lead to more hardcore build ups.

  2. Could be handy. It’s entirely possible to wear through the plastic versions of these pieces by running a motor for only a few days with the right gearing.

  3. You can find many other altered LEGO parts. May be for keeping your remote control-fetching-masterpiece alive for longer, may be for prototypes of heavy duty robots. I totally suport this idea!

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