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Andy Holtin, Assistant Professor of Sculpture at American University, in Washington DC, just posted an in-progress video of an installation project he’s working on called Glance. He writes:

I’m using the audio line from the DVD to sync eye movement with the Arduino (used the Pro Mini this time and loved it) through an opto-coupler as input. Physically fun, too — used casting processes to copy some gears, and etched my own PCBs for the first time. Maybe I will do a build blog for this one.

Note to Andy: Please do! [Thanks, Alberto!]

8 thoughts on “Andy Holtin’s “Glance”

  1. Cool project.

    I wonder if it would have been possible to do this even without the Arduino, by recording servo pulses directly onto the audio track of the DVD? It seems conceivable that they would make it through the DVD player’s audio filters without too much harm.

    1. You probably could, but you’d need to boost the levels up to the 5V needed by the servo inputs. A simple op-amp comparator circuit powered from 5V with the trigger level set fairly low would do nicely to boost the levels back up and square up the pulses that might get a little munged by the audio filters.

  2. I loved it! I couldn’t look away – I was hoping that a random different glance would occasionally happen – I think I fell in love with the woman – beautiful!

    I’m having trouble registering – it keeps saying, ‘Text entered was wrong. Try again.’ I’m sure I did the capcha right, does my user name need to be one word?


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