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Tweeting photos with an Arduino



Here’s another impressive Arduino project from Japan. Blogger arms22 combined a serial camera module, Arduino, and Ethernet shield to build a photo-twittering microcontroller (English translation). Hmm, this could be the basis for all sorts of cool projects- I’m thinking statues with eyes that follow you and twitter what they see, what would you make?

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8 thoughts on “Tweeting photos with an Arduino

  1. You could invent a handheld MRI device that would revolutionise medical diagnosis in under-developed countries using off the shelf parts. But you’d never get it onto here or hackaday unless it tweeted its results with an arduino.

    @Sabiha you have endometriosis. Bad luck. #bedsidemanner

  2. Looking at the quality of the photo and what that camera is, I was expecting it to cost something in the $15-$20 range.

    $55 for that? You could just be an Eye-Fi for any other digital camera for $50, wire it to take pics with your arduino under whatever conditions you decided, and have a 5-7-10 megapixel result transmitted to a folder on your computer, where a piece of software would deliver the tweet, with processed image, at much higher quality.

    I can’t think of many setups where you aren’t better off using a camera external to the system before paying $50 for something of such low quality. If it was a higher quality camera, I would understand, and it’s cool that it captures and processes to JPeg and all that, but, so does every other camera.

    1. That photo seems to be an image from an earlier test, but the actual camera module only does 640×480, so you would certainly get better quality from the method you described. Another way to go would be to put a copy of Linux on an old wireless router that has USB, and then connect that up to some digicam that can be remotely controlled. First one to get it working wins :-).

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