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Van Gogh’s Paintings as a Cake

Who knew that the art of Vincent Van Gogh could translate so well into a medium like frosting? Gobs and gobs of sweet, sweet frosting. The work by megpi on Flickr looks almost too good to eat. Almost.
[via geekologie]

10 thoughts on “Van Gogh’s Paintings as a Cake

  1. I’m no art expert, but I’m pretty sure only the top layer is Van Gogh. The other two layers look like Monet, the middle one being from his haystacks series, and the bottom from his waterlilies series. So my guess is that the cake is supposed to be to an impressionist theme.
    Looks yummy!

  2. Fantastic cake! (I have a Starry Night cookie pic in my book, too…and Mondrian, Dali and Picasso marshmallows on my site. Fabulous mediums!)

  3. Actually this cake is both impressionist and post impressionist, because Van Gogh was a post impressionist artist! ^_^

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