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CRAFT: Make Space for Crafting

Are you ready for more craft space inspiration? Take a good look at Betz White‘s special craft room. I love her various workstations and the long inspiration board on the wall.
Read on after the jump for more photos and a Q&A with Betz!

CRAFT: What kinds of crafts do you do?
Betz: I sew with felted wool sweaters and other repurposed materials, as well as work with new fabrics. I love color and print!
CRAFT: Where do you craft?
Betz: I am a lucky, lucky girl…I have my very own space! I use a spare bedroom as my studio, which also functions as a guest room. There is plenty of space for my kids to come in and “visit” me while I work as well as get involved in projects.
CRAFT: How do you keep all your craft supplies organized?
Betz: First of all I use the term “organized” very loosely. I have 2 large closets. One has floor to ceiling shelves to hold bins for scraps and stacks of fabrics. The other closet stores my packing and shipping supplies, as well as my yardage from my organic print collection. The back of the closet has an “elf door” into the eaves of the house where I keep prototypes from my books, craft fair display stuff, bags of felted wool sweaters, you name it!
CRAFT: How do you motivate yourself to keep your space organized?
Betz: I’m motivated by lack of time. If I can’t put my hands on something immediately, I end up spending all of my crafting time searching for it. In the midst of creating, I make a huge mess. When I finish the project I clean up, do a quick re-org, then start all over again!
CRAFT: What’s one organization tip/tool/trick you swear by?
Betz: I love my white fabric mesh bins from the Container Store. They are light weight and fit perfectly on my shelves. The best part is that I can see through them for finding the right fabric fast!
CRAFT: How do you feel when your space is organized? Unorganized?
Betz: When I’m organized I feel relaxed and ready to be creative! When I am unorganized I feel completely stressed out!
CRAFT: Describe your dream workspace.
Betz: Wood floors, high ceilings, lots of natural light and a door to an outside space would be ideal. I’d like a big cutting table, shelves, and adjoining studios for my husband and kids.
CRAFT: How does the way your craft space is organized affect your crafting/creativity?
Betz: Feeling pulled together gives me energy. However I still have to have things out and around me to look at and inspire. If it’s all closed up and hidden away, that’s no fun either!

20 thoughts on “Craft Spaces: Betz White

  1. Hi Mechelle,
    Betz says: “I bought it at a local discount furniture outlet when I lived in WI about 5 years ago. There is no brand that I can identify, sorry!”

  2. Wow! Your space is lovely! I had the pleasure of meeting you at your book signing at Fibrespace – very cool to see where you create your beautiful things.

  3. I just knew she’d have a delicious studio! Betz has the sweetest style ever. I love her space.
    I’m really enjoying the “Make Space for Craftign” studio features here on Craft! I can’t get enough.
    -Cathe Holden

  4. I love the way you have organized your craft room and I wondered if you purchased or made the display/bulletin board you have hanging on your wall? I am in desperate need of one and can’t find the right materials to make one or buy one already made.
    I too, need to be organized before I can sit down and create…needless to say I am not spending enough time crafting for my business.
    Thank you.

  5. I’m in love with the central table with the lamps on it. It looks like it has wheels on the side to adjust the height. Is it a vintage fabric cutting table?

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