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Here’s a cool video demonstrating the Fordson Snow Machine, a 1920’s screw-propelled vehicle. It’s a cool machine, but I’m just glad it doesn’t snow that much where I live! [Thanks, Mark!]

14 thoughts on “Fordson Snow Machine handles drifts with ease

  1. Awesome video … reminds me of the snow trax advertisements on ebay, with the big 4WD track mod things attached to the hummer.

    Only thought is at 3:15 … poor horse!

  2. AWESOME!! Thanks Matt!

    At about 7:30, they have an old chevrolet car mounted to the same running gear.

    Interesting to note the flexibility of the drivetrain, and the fact that it ‘switches over’ to conventional wheels when screw drives are not needed.

    Using todays composites, I can see a water going version also. Wonder what happened to this innovative design… time to google….

  3. Sign of the times I guess. Even in the dead of winter or out in a farm field, these guys are all in suits and ties and brimmed hats. Pretty formal for thrashing around in the snow.

  4. Ford did not sell this idea to Adolf Hitler?  The Battle of Stalingrad?  The Russian front?  We could all be speaking German now…

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