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CNN on today’s ‘golden age of inventors’

Todd Greene is the Los-Angeles-based inventor of the HeadBlade, shown above, which is an ergonomic razor designed specifically for shaving the head, rather than the face. It was chosen as one of Time’s Ten Best Designs of 2000. Greene, who claims to have made millions selling HeadBlades, is one of several inventors and inventing “gurus” featured in this interesting article on about the groundswell of ambitious citizen inventors in the United States triggered by the recession. The article includes lots of sound advice about getting your own inventions off the ground.

10 thoughts on “CNN on today’s ‘golden age of inventors’

  1. Hah! Being a chrome-dome, I actually have one of these headblade razors. It’s pretty great. Unfortunately, because I have arthritis in my shoulders, it’s hard for me to reach certain areas of my head with the motion it requires, so a conventional cartridge razor is better. But I think, if I didn’t have this limitation, I’d probably use this thing.

    Any other baldies out there use the headblade?

    1. I almost count. Of myself and my two brothers I am the last to give up hair, but I buzz. However, one of my brothers does have a headblade. I normally lather with a brush and use a Gillette double-sided safety razor on my face. I’m really nervous about using that on anything I can’t clearly see in a mirror.

      This is one of the few shaving inventions that I’d be willing to try. Most inventions for mens’ grooming are gimmicky and overpriced, but these look really smart.

  2. I have been a Headblader for a few years now and I love it. I use a Gillette Sensor Excel on my face and my Headblade uses the same cartridges. I can shave my face and head in about 3 minutes. Their shaving cream is the best I have ever used as well. This product works as advertised.

  3. I saw this for the first time at Kmart in the clearance rack. Guess it didn’t make that big of a hit? On the other hand, I hope he and everyone else keep inventing.

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