Photon-blasting 60W RGB LED array



Spotted over @, forum member Things shares pics of his mind-numbingly bright RGB LED project

I bought 20 3W RGB LED’s the other day, and wired them all up on a 7mm piece of aluminium. Each colour is controlled by a FET, and by an Arduino (For now). I play to build it into a box and add DMX control with an ATMega. This thing draws around 21A @ 3.3V! I am using a computer power supply to power them at the moment.

This thing is BRIGHT!

Yeah like so bright that you really MUST NOT EVER look directly at it or risk instant eyeball vaporization! No seriously – without any diffusion, I’m guessing this thing must be like a death-ray for eyes – SERIOUSLY! *Ahem* so yeah … that above pic of the unit powered on was apparently taken in a sunlit room – but who needs the Sun with this thing around?!

Pics + discussion in the Arduino forums.