Susan Beal of West Coast Crafty recently contributed her kids craft picks for our Bazaar section. From this Ikea Mala Easel to the perfect kids crayons, find out this crafty mama’s excellent picks for kids crafting tools.
As an added bonus check out her favorite books for kids’ art and craft projects after the jump!

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Childcraft’s Make and Do Series of Books
Book Creativefam
The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule
You Can Draw Star Wars, by Bonnie Burton
DIY Girl by Jennifer Bonnell
DIY Kids by Ellen and Julia Lupton
The Colossal Book of Crafts for Kids and Their Families by Phyllis Fioratta
Book Supercrafty
Super Crafty by Torie Nguyen, Cathy Pitters, Rachel O’Rourke and Susan Beal
About the Author:
Susan Beal is a crafter and writer in Portland, Ore., who loves to drink coffee, sew, and make things with buttons. Her new book, Button It Up, is out now!

6 thoughts on “The Best Kids Craft Tools in Bazaar

  1. …the Childcraft books! I completely forgot about those…I don’t know how, either — I was *always* reading them, especially Make and Do!
    I need to see if I can dig up copies for my daughter.

  2. I loved Make and Do! That was my favorite one too. I still have my battered old 1976 copy with my nameplate in it, but I really wish I had the whole series – I want to track down the other ones.
    I bet your daughter will love them!

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