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Tim modified some kid-sized jeeps with laser tag weaponry + game controllers to create a live action game in the spirit of Halo’s warthog vehicles. In the above interview he explains the sizable list of gear used to make it all happen. I’m guessing a simpler take on the idea could be built using RC vehicles with infrared sensors and emitters. A full rundown of the build can be found over at Microsoft’s Coding4Fun blog.

4 thoughts on “Power Wheels car modded into wireless warthog

  1. What about some A.V.? If the computer is only using like 10% processing. Why not web cams, mics and speakers? One of those gamming headsets and those way cool google things for a screen on the user. While we are at it why not a net book? Size, wieght and function in a cheeper package.

  2. neat idea, but do they really need the lab coats? for the level of work they’re doing it seems like overalls would be a better fit.

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