Gouge a drill press table, hurt a kitten

Gabriel Hargrove, Lynn Lim and William Newhouse at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Architecture, Interior Architecture and Designed Objects department found the perfect way to keep students from drilling through the drill press table: hold a kitten hostage. [via Core 77]

34 thoughts on “Gouge a drill press table, hurt a kitten

  1. I’m sure it’s just a photo on the drill press but at first I thought it was a real kitten and when I see cruelty done on small children or animals it just makes me nauseous.

    1. Wanted to add that it probably wouldn’t be a very good deterrent as it’s just a photo. The only way this would work is if you worshiped cats and though you’d go to the bad place (what ever that is for cat worshipers, a dog pound maybe?) if you deface a kitten photo.

      1. I disagree – and not only because they’re trying it and it is working for them.

        A drill press table is just a boring piece of wood, so it isn’t surprising that the students don’t really care if they don’t pay attention to keeping it in good condition. But the picture of a kitten makes them far more aware of the importance of the surface regardless of their personal feelings for cats – and the more aware they are of it, the less likely they’ll just absent mindedly drive a bit into it.

        1. Ah, I guess you’re right. I didn’t know if it worked, the link didn’t work for me and the article didn’t confirm that. I guess by that logic any picture could be put on there and work. I guess the professors just really like kittens.

  2. Every drill press I’ve ever used has a fairly large (1-1.5″) hole in the table for the bit to pass through without damaging the table. It only makes sense since quite often you want to drill right through your work and the only alternative would be to keep a piece of scrap wood under your work.

  3. Of course. That’s what the hole is for in the center of the table. And if the wood you’re drilling is for a project that needs a clean hole visible on both sides and you don’t want to splinter the area around the hole when the bit punches through, YES, by all means, a piece of scrap plywood on the table is a definate must.

  4. An iphone would most likely illicit a more oh becareful response. Considering the current “culture”. Excuse the expression but you can’t swing a dead cat with out encountering an iphone worshipper.

  5. It is OK to be careful around Power tools. Even the Pros get hurt.
    The first day of metal shop in High School my Shop Teacher demonstrating a band saw cut his middle finger off flush to the two fingers next to it.
    I am always careful around band saws.
    Working with a “Real” Carpenter with 40yrs experience, went to flick a piece of wood off a table saw with the blade running and chopped off part of his Thumb.
    I am aways careful around table saws.
    No, do not wait for someone to get hurt, good heads up sense of what you are doing will protect you and the equipment from damage.

  6. I say you add a blood packet underneath, so it squirts all over the operator when you pierce the wood.. that’ll teach em

  7. I have an old drill someone rescued from a dumpster which they gave to me and I restored.


    That has a very handy rotating head but this means over the years an arc of holes have been drilled into the cast iron table. I always use flat pieces of MDF to drill into on top of it now. It cleaned up beautifully (I used electrolytic rust removal) and even after years of factory use the bearings in it are perfect. It’s way more accurate than the cheap chinese ones you buy these days.

  8. As it’s nigh on certain somebody will eventually purrforate the pussy, human mentation is evidently driven by radioactivity.

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