This is rather last minute (the deadline is 5pm PST Monday), but it was just sent to us and we thought some of you might find it interesting:

Seattle, WA + aLIVe: a Low-Impact Vehicle exhibition

4Culture is seeking ideas that will inspire and engage the broader community in a conversation about transportation. This opportunity is open to artists and artist teams, architects, landscape architects, designers of all types, engineers, tinkerers and community members residing in Washington, Oregon, California, and British Columbia.

Currently, our transportation system is designed around 40 ton trucks, but what if we were to design around the human body instead? A bicycle is a low-impact vehicle. What else can be imagined? Selected project ideas will be funded and exhibited in a variety of ways, depending upon medium and context. This is a great opportunity for people working across disciplines to explore how the arts can enhance existing systems and stimulate public conversations about energy, livability and design. Citizens from all backgrounds are encouraged to submit ideas for everything from poetry to prototypes. This project is produced in collaboration with artist Cheryl dos Remédios and Great City.

Deadline: January 25, 2010
Budget: varies by selected idea or project

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