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Prepaid wireless remote car starter

It’s beyond me why anyone would want to start a car before they got into it, but if you’re looking for an interesting aftermarket mod for the next car show, this prepaid wireless remote car starter is just the thing. [via engadget]

12 thoughts on “Prepaid wireless remote car starter

  1. Why would anyone want to start their car before getting in?

    how about 15ËšF, don’t for get your booties its’ cold outside.

  2. The aim of starting a car before getting in is just security. In countries with terrorist groups (like Spain, Ireland, etc…) attacks with bombs beneath the car are usual; bombs explode with the movement of the engine starting. With this you can “check” it before getting in.

    1. Doubt it’s for “anti-bomb” countermeasure….it would be too easy to wire a bomb to trigger off motion, or a “break-circuit wire” through a u-joint/drive-axle, or the brake lights, etc.

      Car starters are for convenience in certain climates/circumstances.


    2. Sorry,
      But this method IS the way “they” now set off car bombs as the unsuspecting victims drive through to a more crowded civilian area for more collateral damage.

  3. When it’s really cold (-35 C), you can’t even really drive until the car has warmed up a little bit. The windows can fog/frost up as soon as you exhale (depending on humidity) and pose a real danger, and most cars don’t start to produce any degree of defrost heat for several long minutes.

    I also had a good reason with my last car…at the end of it’s lifespan, the automatic transmission was a little dodgy and would stick gears when it was cold after a winter night. Basically, it needed 2-3 minutes to stir up the transmission fluid or there was a serious risk of stalling when sitting still in gear (i.e. at lights or exiting driveway).

    I always tried to limit the amount I used it (since it was wasteful on gas and emissions). I see a lot of people who use their car starters for comfort though, and that annoys me (such as using it on a day that’s only just below zero).


  4. Sounds great until random telemarketer call starts up your car. (yes, I get them on my cellphone from time to time even though its illegal in my state to telemarket to cellphones and I’m on all the DO NOT CALL lists…)

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