Dream workshop

Flickr user Mtneer sure has a sweet setup! Click on the link to see a bunch more photos of this workshop and some older ones he’s had. I’m conflicted, however: on one hand, I’m concerned at how neat his shop is — the only mess is a beer can on the bench! On the other hand, if I somehow cleaned my workbench I’d take a picture of it too.


22 thoughts on “Dream workshop

  1. Very cool workshop. I just want to know what the bucket hanging from the ceiling is for? (top left, by the fan).

    Great idea having a roll of paper just under the top of the workbench with a stack of pencils near by.

  2. Nice. I feel a need to clean up my work area now…

    at the bottom of the flickr link it says-

    “items are from between 03 Jun 2006 & 17 Dec 2014.”


  3. I see an Accuphase C-200 preamp and P-300 power amp, from the early ’70s. Great exotic stuff, and excellent choices.

    1. Sure, the company I work for has a whole network of compressed air connections, all linked with standard 1/2″ or 3/4″ copper pipe.

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