Stunning images of space taken from a shed

Here’s a great story in the Telegraph about an amateur stargazer who tricked out his garden shed in the U.K. and surprised professional astronomers around the world with his top-notch images.

Peter Shah, 38, cut a hole in the roof of his wooden shed and set up his modest eight-inch telescope inside. After months of patiently waiting for the right moment he emerged with a series of striking images of the Milky Way.

His photographs of a vivid variety of star clusters light years from Earth have been compared to the images taken from the £2.5 billion Hubble space telescope.

But it cost Mr Shah just £20,000 to equip his garden shed with a telescope linked to his home computer. He said: “Most men like to potter about in their garden shed – but mine is a bit more high tech than most.”

You can read the full story here.

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  1. With the rotation of the earth, how could he combine multiple frames with such clarity? Precision image rotation algorithms? Some sort of motorized turntable?

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