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The release of the TI Chronos development kit is exciting not only because it is a cool piece of hardware, but I expect to see many great projects that cleverly exploit the resources of the Chronos. This nifty hack wirelessly unlocks a door using the built-in accelerometer to detect coded taps on the watch.

[via Hack a Day]


6 thoughts on “Wireless door access using the TI hackable watch

  1. looks quite dangerous really.
    definitely would not want one of those on my door when the batteries die and there’s a fire in the building

    1. If you read the comments on their website, they had already acknowledged that concern and were working to address it.

      1. pheww!!!
        well if its being addressed then thats allright then!
        ill go and put one on every door of my house!
        aslong as its being addressed.

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