How-To:  Elegantly simple squirrel-proof bird feeder

I love this bird-feeder tutorial from Instructables user me13lake. It’s not flashy (indeed, with a title like “Small simple horizontally mounted squirrel resistant/proof bird feeder that requires no specialist tools to make,” I’m guessing it was written by a scientist or engineer) but it’s well thought-out, easy and inexpensive to make, and it looks like it would work very well. The clear squirrel-guard rotates freely so they can’t get a grip, and can be made from a 2-liter plastic bottle. Or you could try cutting one from a glass bottle.

16 thoughts on “How-To: Elegantly simple squirrel-proof bird feeder

  1. The only way to test the squirrel proofness of a bird feeder is using the same methodology as baby proofing: No matter how baby-proof you might think your house is, it’s not until a child crawls around it for a few months. They can get into things in ways you can’t possibly imagine.

    I’ll accept this as squirrel-proof when I see squirrels frustrated by it for years.

    The only design I’ve seen even mostly work so far is some variant on this one:
    Still only squirrel resistant, but they can only steal food in small quantities after many attacks, with is much better then anything else I’ve found.

  2. the bird can hear the cat comeing alot better now so even if the squirle eats the birds food the cats not going to eat the bird

  3. the bird gets into the squirrle feeder then you have to build a bird gard an how would that work ataching the bowl on the outside seems to be more chalenging hu?

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