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Allison in Washington, DC, writes:

I am wondering if I purchase a ready-made clothing item and then embellish (e.g. through applique or embroidery), can I ethically sell it as my own work?

You certainly can sell it as your own work, but I’d make it clear in any online listings that you didn’t construct the garment itself. Look on Etsy for things tagged “embellished” or “applique” or “refashioned” or “upcycled” for some examples of how other people list these types of items. In my opinion if you’re adding something valuable and creative to the clothing, then it certainly is your own work. Pictured above is Madrigal Embroidery’s hand-embellished upcycled necktie on Etsy. What are your thoughts on embellishing garments to sell? Share with us in the comments!