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Atari punk guitar pedal

GetLoFi shares an interesting method for controlling the popular Atari Punk Console circuit via guitar –

The basic idea of this mod is that you are using the volume potentiometer to control the frequency of the APC. Obviously this is not the same as turning the notes played on the guitar fretboard into the APC oscillations, however it is a pretty good way to control your APC remotely. Note that this will not work with a guitar that has an active pre-amp, it has to be the analog un-powered version and obviously it has to be the first in the chain of pedals.

Check out GetLoFi for more details on implementing the Atari Punk Pedal Modification.

In the Maker Shed:


Atari Punk Console Kit

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  1. …called Tu-ning. Dude needs to learn it before showing off *anything* with a guitar.

    I couldn’t even watch that video it was so out of tune.

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