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Flat-pack bike & scooter
flat-pack bike.jpg
flat-pack scooter.jpg

While the functionality may be suspect, these flat-pack wheels have awesome maker flair. Designer Nicolas Belly of Bordeaux, France won 2nd place in the L’Argus Design Contest which had the theme of “Less is More: Traveling in the Era of Simplicity.” [via the Ponoko Blog]


6 thoughts on “Flat-pack bike & scooter

  1. not sure why Make even posts this kind of thing. There’s zero functionality/safety in this design, so why would you even bother with it? From an artistic perspective I kinda get it, but that’s not really the target demographic in this forum.

  2. @gear head

    While its not the most practical design ever created, I however thought it was a very interesting concept. Laser cut style smaller items are becoming more common but not a flat pack bike. I found that very inspiring! :)

    I would say one of the most important things this web site does is to inspire people to make things and to inspire people to make things in different ways. In that case, it makes a great deal of sense for Make to “posts this kind of thing”. (Posting this concept could then inspire people onto other more practical designs, for various products not just bikes).

    (One of the things about inspiring people is to inspire them to be a bit more open minded!, unlike your comment).

  3. I agree with both…
    Useless, wastefull, impractical. But an artistic value for sure.
    Inspiring, different, potential. Edison found 10,000 incorrect ways to make a light bulb before he succeeded. I’ll chalk this up to one of the useless applications to laser cutting flatpack items, on the road to something awesome. Someday everyday awesome things will be downloadable and made on our printers to use in our lives.

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