elwire_M21_frame-1-dark.jpg elwire_M21_frame-2-dark.jpg
elwire_M21_frame-3-dark.jpg elwire_M21_frame-4-dark.jpg

Here on Make: Online, we’ve featured lots of projects that use electrolumiscent wire, like the barbershop pole, the sequencing costume, and the angler fish. EL wire is a really flexible (pun intended) way to add lighting to your projects, and it’s fairly easy to use. In the newest issue of MAKE, Volume 21, we offer an 8-page primer on how to use EL wire, including the anatomy of EL wire, a discussion of drivers and sequencers, a comparison between EL wire and LEDs, and walking you through creating an animated blinking eye (frames shown above). If you already have MAKE 21, flip on over to page 142 and get started. If not, you can pick one up at a fine newsstand near you, get one over in the Maker Shed, or subscribe and have knowledge delivered to your doorstep.

make21 covershot.jpg