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“Cutest trailer in the known universe”

On the blog Stuff I Like, they posted this heartbreakingly cute vintage trailer they saw while vacationing at Calaveras Big Trees. Talk about efficient use of space.

The Cutest Trailer You Ever Saw

16 thoughts on ““Cutest trailer in the known universe”

  1. Those are teardrop trailers. Not all that unique. I’ve seen tons of them.

    http :/ /www. teardrops/

  2. How can anyone say a disparaging word about the cute little wooden one shown here? It’s adorable! I would pay a king’s ransom for it, it’s beautiful!

  3. I really love these things! I found a lot of plans on the web for using a cheap 5×5′ trailer from Harbor Freight as the foundation… got all excited to go do it. To find that a towing hitch for my car would cost more than the whole project (more than I could spend).

    Seems kinda idealic for a single man with meager means to travel by. I had to settle for a tent and a motorcycle. I’m happier with one of those items than the other. :)

  4. @Anonymous..”Did you wake up today cuddling a cactus?” (sound familiar?)

    Jeez… maybe not as 90’s as the wonders you linked to, but ugly and plain?!? The center wood inlay would state otherwise to me. But, YMMV. :) I think my 71 microbus is beautiful. Go figure.

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